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CIMC Bulk Cement Trailer is popular for flyash transport ,V shape and W shape with different capacity , and the capacity of tanker can be customizes accord with your transport demand ,usually ,V shape can carry within 50 cubic meters , W shape can carry within 60-80 cubic meters ,and CIMC Bulk Cement Trailer is popular in Zimbabwe ,Zambia ,Tanzania and so on .

CIMC Bulk Cement Trailer produce different types of bulk cement semi-trailer. All various bulk products can be carried with bulk carrier semi-trailer like cement, wheat, flour, lime and any other types of bulk items transportation suitable with Bulk carrier semi-trailer.
CIMC Bulk Cement Trailer can offer wide range of Bulk carrier semi-trailer with different specifications and capacities with diesel and electrical engines & compressors.
The dry bulk cement trailers produced by CIMC Bulk Cement Trailer have Advantages as below:
1. The pipeline system is fitted with reasonable auxiliary blower and anti-wear device to realize smoother unloading process and faster unloading speed.
2. The CIMC Bulk Cement Trailer use no guide plate structure design. Have a light weight and low residue.
3. The CIMC Bulk Cement Trailer use special welding machine to weld the tank body from one side but form smooth, sturdy and uniform welds on both sides. Use advanced welding technology and experienced welder to make sure the high safety and no air leak.

· CIMC Bulk Cement Trailer Specifications

Tank Body
Dimension 12000mmx2500mmx4000mm
Shape W shape
Capacity 65M3
Tanker Body Thickness 5mm Carbon Steel Material
End Plate Thickness 6mm Carbon Steel Material
Manhole Cover 2 Pcs
Air Compressor WUHU FUDA 12 cbm double-cylinder
Diesel Engine WEICHAI 4102
Discharge Valve 3 Or 4 Inch
Discharging Pipe 3 or 4 inch Rubber Hose,1 Pcs
Working Pressure: 0.2Mpa
Test Pressure: 0.3Mpa
Welding Standard: All welding are to be done by qualified welder per applicable national standard

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