CIMC Fence Cargo Semi Trailer

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CIMC Fence Cargo Semi Trailer

CIMC brand 40ft 3-axle Fence Cargo Semi Trailer for carry bulk cargo ,container.Specifications can be customizes accord with your transport demand ,we can according to your requirement to design .
A normal type of trailer but CIMC control the cost strictly,ensure you get it in a best price with good quality trailer .Use advanced technology and equipment to ensure the strong CIMC trailer is popular in African ,it adopt the rough road condition in African ,CIMC fence cargo trailer also can use it transport livestock .the fence height can be adjust .

1.It is mainly suitable for the long distance transportation of large-scale bulk cargo, good adapt ability in cargo.
2.The main frame is made of high-tensile carbon steel,reasonable structure,light weight,superior carrying capacity and no permanent deformation.
3.The axle,tyre and other accessories are the well-known products which supplied by the domestic and foreign professional manufacturers.
4.The main frame can be made of foreign or domestic high-tensile steel to reduce tare weight.
CIMC fence cargo semi trailer side wall and fence can be detachable ,so you can use it transport container as well ,there is twistlock inside fence cargo semi trailer .We have rich experience for export ,so we know road condition clearly ,so as to adopt rough road condition ,usually we use thicken mechanical suspension and thicken leaf spring for clients ,strong axles can ensure transport long distance .

If you are interested in our CIMC fence cargo semi trailer ,welcome to ask more information to us !

· CIMC Fence Cargo Semi Trailer Specifications

Dimension 12.6m×2.6m×3.15m
Payload 30-50T
Fence height  Side wall height 0.6m basket space 0.8m
Tare weight About  8.5T
Twistlock 12 units
Axle 3 pcs 14 tons
Landing Gear 28T lifting capacity with two speed Jost brand
King Pin 2.00 or 3.5 inch bolt-in king pin
Suspension Mechanical suspension
Leaf Spring 90mm(W)*16mm(T)*10 Layer
Shipping Terms Bulk cargo

· CIMC Fence Cargo Semi Trailer Details

Side wall can be detachable to meet your transport demand

The fence and side wall height can be customizes.

· Other Types

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