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CIMC Side Wall Semi Trailer
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CIMC LPG Tank Trailer

CIMC LPG Tank Trailer is popular in Afican ,it is special for Liquid Petrol Gas transport , our standard specifications have 59.4 cubic meters and 59.7 cubic meters , if you book big Amount ,we can provide with customizes service for you .And if you want to carry oil ,petrol ,diesel ,palm ,we also can provide Fuel tanker for you as well . And CIMC LPG Tanker standard specifications can meet transport demand in African .


CIMC LPG tanker exported to Philippines,Vietnam,Pakistan ,Tanzania ,Zimbabwe ,Zambia ,Rwanda etc.As one of the most important energy,liquid petroleum gas more and more important for the development of countries,and be widely used in our daily life.With the growing demand of LPG in Philippines,Vietnam,Pakistan etc.
The transportation and storage of LPG become profitable. CIMC LPG tanker semi-trailer with ASME certificated can be your reliable for your transportation of gas energy.LPG container,LPG storage tanker also available for our customers.

What is the advantages of CIMC LPG tanker trailer?

1.European design in LPG tanker, more than 10 years experience in semi-trailer make a good property.
2.Exported to more than 32 countries,solve the requirement of transport trailer,and received good comment from customers and dealers.
3.Standard design in LPG tank, more high use value and cheap price,also can design according to your requirement.
4.Solve all kinds of requirement in tank trailer,like fuel tank,water tank,bulk tank etc.

· CIMC LPG Tank Trailer Specifications

3 Axle 59.4m3 LPG Trailer
Tanker Essential Information
1 Model HCH9406GYQC
2 Capacity 59.4m3
3 Dimensions (length*width*height*thickness)   (13000*2500*4000*11)mm
4 Estimated Tare Weight 15050KG
5 Payload 24950KG
6 Total Weight 40000KG
Shell Of Tanker
1 Products LPG , Propane
2 Fluid property Flammable
3 Design temperature                          to 50℃
4 Design pressure 1.61MPa
5 Corrosion allowance                  1mm
6 weld joint factor 1
   7 Major materials of bearing pressure Tanker body : Q370R( normalizing , 11mm, GB 713-2014                   
    End plate : Q370R( normalizing EHA2476x11(11)mm  GB/T25198-2010  
    Main Beam : AG700(Non-bearing pressure material)  8mm            
8 Compartments ONE
9 Shape Elliptical
10 Manhole 1*DN450  

· CIMC LPG Tank Trailer Details

Famous FUWA brand axles .

Tool box dimension can be adjust .

Spare tire rack can be removable .

Thicken Mechanical suspension for rough road condition.

· CIMC LPG Tank Trailer Shipping