F3000 SHACMAN Truck Head

HOWO 6x4 30ton Dump Truck
HOWO 6×4 30ton Dump Truck
Brand New Sinotruck HOWO Dump Truck
Brand New Sinotruck HOWO Dump Truck

F3000 SHACMAN Truck Head

SHACMAN truck is popular in African now ,and SHACMAN truck use strong in industry business ,like construction business ,transport business and so on ,SHACMAN truck also have 6x4/4x2/8x4 type ,X3000/F3000/H3000 is many customers good choice for all kinds of trailers pulled ,SHACMNA also have Fuel tank truck ,dump truck as well ,SHACMAN truck have many advantages in African use
1.Technical support:We have professional engineers who are proficient in the knowledge of trucks and construction machines.The have rich experience and can solve all the problems that customers face.They can both teach theoretical knowledge in China and guide the operation at the construction sites of foreign countries.
2.Foreign maintenance sites :We set up maintenance sites and workshops in some countries where we have a lot of customers.There are all kinds of maintenance tools and spare parts.The staff can provide quick and satisfactory services for customers.
So if you purchase SHACMAN truck from us , we can provide full service for you .

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The bolt to fix thicken leaf spring adopt rough road condition

Fuel tank material and capacity can be choose by yourself

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