HOWO 6×4 30ton Dump Truck

SHACMAN Dump Truck
SHACMAN Dump Truck
F3000 SHACMAN Truck Head
F3000 SHACMAN Truck Head

HOWO 6x4 30ton Dump Truck

The characteristic of howo 6x4 dump truck is that its carriage can be tilted at a certain angle so that the goods in the carriage can be unloaded.
It is driven by the engine of howo 7 dump truck and completed by the dump mechanism because loading can automatically dump materials at a certain angle.
It is a commonly used transportation machine to save unloading time and labor, shorten transportation cycle, improve production efficiency and reduce transportation cost.
It is composed of engine, chassis, cab and carriage. The structure of engine, chassis and cab is the same as that of general trucks.

In order to roll backward or side to side, backward tipping is more common, a few two-way tipping. The front of the howo dump truck 30ton is equipped with a safety guard board for the cab.

The tipping mechanism is composed of oil tank, hydraulic pump, distribution valve, lifting hydraulic cylinder, pushing the piston rod to make the car overturn. Control the piston rod movement through the control system.

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The dimension of dump truck can be customizes accord with transport demand.

Thicken leaf spring adopt rough road condition.

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