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LPG semi trailer is also known as LPG tanker semi trailer, LPG tank semi trailer, LPG tank stock semi trailer, LPG transport semi trailer, etc.
It is a special transport semi-trailer for transporting propane, propylene, dimethyl ether, liquid ammonia, methylamine, acetaldehyde and other liquefied gases.
LPG semi trailer for liquefied gas transportation mainly consists of the following parts:
Liquefied gas tank body (made of Q345R steel plate), axle, tire, outrigger, traction pin, double outlet and double valve box (pressure gauge, thermometer, close valve, ball valve), iron wave plate, safety valve, liquid level Meter, fire extinguishing equipment, tool box, anti-static tape, spare tire rack, plastic tire fender, etc.
Tanker Essential Information
1 Capacity 59.4m3
2 Dimensions (length*width*height*thickness)   (13000*2500*4000*11)mm
3 Estimated Tare Weight 15050KG
4 Payload 24950KG
5 Total Weight 40000KG
Shell Of Tanker
1 Products LPG , Propane
2 Fluid property Flammable
3 Design temperature                          to 50℃
4 Design pressure 1.61MPa
5 Corrosion allowance                  1mm
6 weld joint factor 1
8 Compartments ONE
9 Shape Elliptical
10 Manhole 1*DN450  
Running System
1 Axles 3*FUWA Brand 13 Ton  Widen 16Ton brake pads
2 Suspension system leaf spring suspension 13mm*90mm*10Layer*6pcs
3 Wheel rim 12*9.0-22.5
4 Tyre 12* Triangle,12R22.5
5 Kingpin 1*2.5"JOST bolt on ,in rubbing platefabricated
6 Landing legs 2*SAF HOLLAND  brand 25T  single linkage,double speed
7 Air Tank 2*50L
According to loading materials
LPG transport semi-trailers can be divided into: propane transport semi-trailers, propylene transport semi-trailers, dimethyl ether transport semi-trailers, liquid ammonia transport semi-trailers, methylamine transport semi-trailers, acetaldehyde transport semi-trailers, etc.
By axle
Liquefied gas transport semi trailer can be divided into: two axles liquefied gas transport semi trailer and three-axle liquefied gas transport semi-trailers.
According to loading volume
Liquefied gas transportation semi-trailers can be divided into: 24 cbm of liquid gas transportation trailers, 44.2 cbm of liquid gas transportation semi trailers, 47cbm of liquid gas transportation trailer, 50 cbm of LPG semi trailers, 54.7 cbm of liquefied gas Transport semi-trailer, 56 cbm of LPG Tank semi-trailer, 60 cbm LPG tanker semi trailer.
The LPG tank semi trailer for liquefied gas transportation can be designed and modified according to the needs of customers. It is suitable for liquid ammonia, liquid sulfur dioxide, propylene, propane, liquefied petroleum gas, dimethyl ether, n-butane, isobutane, butene, isobutene, butadiene, ring Transport semi-trailers for most gases such as oxyethane.

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